Keema Samosas

Keema Samosas are crispy, crunchy pastry pockets filled with keema, onions and spices, perfection in every bite. Served with cilantro mint chutney and a hot cup of chai they are the perfect evening pick me up.

Keema Samosas


Keema, in Hindi means mince meat – of any kind. There are variations of this dish using mutton, chicken, beef or turkey with additions of peas or potatoes. Growing up however, keema was simple: ground meat, usually lamb but sometimes chicken or turkey, spiced to the fullest made in big batches to ensure leftovers of keema samosas. A keema samosa is made with spring roll wrappers and filled with spiced keema and onions. It’s then fried until golden and crispy. Of course, for a healthier alternative you can air fry these.

Keema Samosas

This is the keema recipe that I use to make these, if you’re looking for a vegetarian alternative, stuff these with my vegetarian keema! 


Traditional aloo (potato) samosas are made with a pastry, denser type dough. It’s thicker when cooked and pairs well with the spicy potatoes. Texture wise it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Keema samosas on the other hand are made with Samosa Patti, spring roll wrappers which are light and crispy. The ultra crunchy shell has a neutral taste and doesn’t compete with the robust keema flavor. I like to use the wrappers from here.

Keema Samosas


  • Cut the spring roll wrappers at least 3 times longer than the width. You can cut these as large or as small as you like, samosas can be bite-sized, medium, or large, it’s the ratio that matters. I like to cut spring roll sheets in half to make medium size samosas.
  • Lay the strips down horizontally and pick up the bottom right corner and fold it up until a triangle forms.
  •  Pick the right top of that triangle and fold it to match the bottom edge.
  • Now you have a pocket to fill. Fill the pocket,  fold the top to cover, and roll the edges on the side for a perfect triangle.
  • Use a flour paste to glue the edges.

Keema SamosasKeema Samosas


To your keema filling, add one small, boiled, mashed potato and a few tablespoons of diced onions. Extra onions add a perfect sweet crunch once the samosas are fried and crispy.

Keema Samosas

Keema Samosas
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Crispy, crunchy pastry pockets filled with keema, onions and spices, perfection in every bite.
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 14-16 samosas
  • 3 cups cooked keema
  • ½ cup boil, mashed potato
  • 4 tablespoon diced red onion
  • ½ tablespoon chaat masala
  • 7-8 spring roll wrappers cut in half horizontally to make 14 to 16 samosa patti strips
  • 2 tablespoon flour, mixed with a few drops water to make thick paste.
  • 4-5 cup oil, to fry
  1. Prepare the filling by mixing the cooked keema, mashed potato, onion and chaat masala until well incorporated.
  2. Make a flour paste to act like the samosa glue by mixing the flour with a few drops of water.
  3. Start assembling the samosas by laying the strips down horizontally. Fold by picking up the bottom right corner and folding it up until a triangle forms.
  4. Pick the right top of that triangle and fold it to match the bottom edge.
  5. Fill the pocket, fold the top to cover, using the flour paste to glue the edges creating a perfect triangle.
  6. In a wok or kadai heat the oil on medium high heat.
  7. Fry samosas in small batches for 3-4 minutes until golden and crispy.
  8. Remove to a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
  9. Serve hot with your favorite cilantro mint chutney.

Preheat-air fryer to 385 F. Sprays the samosa with oil on both sides. Place samosa in air fryer basket and air fry for for 15-20 minutes flipping halfway through until golden and crispy.


Keema Samosas

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