DIY Diya Garland

DIY Diya Garland | Diwali season is here and I’m sharing a fun and easy tutorial on how to make decorative Diya Garlands

As Diwali approaches I look for more and more activities to keep Little Mirchi engaged and enthusiastic about the upcoming festivities. From cooking together to decorating the house, I include her in everything so she feels the celebration throughout. This year I wanted to do an easy craft where she could take the lead, we decided on making a diya garland from gift bags and wrapping paper.

I cut the shapes and Little Mirchi glued them together, of course if you have older kids you can let them do this independently. Another reason I love this activity is that it’s eco friendly! You can teach your children the beauty of recycling as they use gift bags and wrapping paper you already have.

Also, how cute is my chai cup?! Sanskriti Box sent me a few of their newly released home products to help bring a desi touch in my kitchen. Super cute gift ideas for your friends who like to keep it desi! 

Here’s what you’ll need for the garlands:

  • Metallic gift bags
  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Thread or fishing wire
  • Tape
  • Card stock or small cardboard

Step One:
Draw a diya shape/boat shape on the card stock and a flame shape. These will be your stencils

Step Two:
Trace the diya shapes on the chosen gift bags and the flame shapes on the metallic wrapping paper. Repeat until you have atleast 20-30 of each shape.

Step three:
Cut out all shapes and keep them in pairs, a diya with a flame.

Step four:
Glue the bottom part of the flame shape to the top part of the diva shape from the non color side.

Step five:
Optional, if you don’t mind the back of your garland being white you can skip this step. I wanted both sides to have color so we glued two diya and two flames together so that both the front and back had color.

Step six:
Lay your thread or fishing wire on a flat surface and space out your diyas accordingly, tape to attach

Step seven:
Hang your DIY Diya Garland and enjoy your Diwali decoration!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY. If you’re looking for more Diwali inspired posts, check out this, this and this post!

20 thoughts on “DIY Diya Garland

  1. Amazing !! Such a fantastic DIY and so easy to make it! I am sure you had a lovely time with little Mirchi decorating the house … looking forward to more such posts.
    Happy Diwali

  2. This was so helpful Nisha and right in time for our diwali decor this week. I couldn’t imagine it would be so easy to make and they look so festive. I hope to try this out. Will share a pic if I do. 😊

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