Diwali Activities For Kids

Diwali activities for kids to get them ready for the festive season. Included, a free Diwali word search!

Diwali Activities For Kids
The most common question I was asked this Diwali season was “What are you doing with Little Mirchi to teach her about Diwali?”. The truth is, it’s not just one thing we do to teach her about the celebrations, it’s a million little things. It’s in our everyday talks, lately she’s all about a little yellow school bus… so I promised her that “Baba Ji” (our general word for God in our house) would bring her one on Diwali. We painted diyas, both real and on paper. We read books, prepared special foods, baked cookies and even did a family word search. On the day of Diwali I plan to have Little Mirchi help me with decorate our doorstep with rangoli designs.

Diwali Activities For Kids
Essentially, I made the countdown to Diwali a part of our everyday, so she could feel the excitement build up. Today I’m sharing details on a few easy activities to do with kids to get them festival ready. You can also use these activities for entertainment during your Diwali parties and dinners. The kids will love them!

Diwali Activities For Kids
Paint diyas
Have your little ones paint the diyas that you will be using during Diwali. It will be a wonderful treat for them to see their work on display.

Decorate the house
Whether it’s hanging up fairy lights or making DIY Diya Garlands, involve your little one in decorating the house for Diwali

Design rangoli
Make chalk, flower or rice rangoli with your little ones to welcome the gods and guests before Diwali.

Word search
I created this word search for older kids. You could play it in a big group, time it and award the fastest. Talk about the words and their meanings in relation to Diwali. It’s a great learning tool.

download-printable Color Diwali images
Little Mirchi loves painting so I outlined a diya with the her paints and she painted the rest.

Make Diwali Treat Boxes
Decorate your own gift bags/boxes filled with homemade or store-bought treats and deliver them to your friends and family.

Read books
Our favorites this season have been Bharat Babies “Let’s Celebrate Diwali” and Desi Babies “Meet My Hindu Gods“. Here’s a great resource on Diwali books by age

Diwali Activities For Kids
Diwali Activities For Kids
Hope you enjoy these activities and have a fun and festive Diwali!

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